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Pixo Plus

Although it embodies an emotive, humanistic form, Pixo, at its conceptual core, is an ultra-efficient task light


Bola Disc White Carrara

Bola Disc Table’s iconic silhouette is defined by its elegant chromed stainless steel disc shade positioned at 45 degrees while elevated by an opaline glass globe diffusor that appears to float over its marble cylinder base


Bola Disc Black Marquina

Bola Disc Table’s iconic silhouette is defined by its elegant chromed stainless steel disc shade positioned at 45 degrees while elevated by an opaline glass globe diffusor that appears to float over its marble cylinder base



Table standing luminaire for direct illumination



Valentina Table Lamp, designed by Andrea Tosetto, produces luminous reflections inspired by high fashion creating wonderful illusions around your area


Corner Office

Corner Office systemic and flexible, offering various degrees of privacy and power provision


Superlight Table Lamp

Superlight balances the demands of both workplace and home with a combination of minimal form and maximal function


Piccola Table Lamp

Piccola's form is minimal, but also tactile, playful, and inviting of interaction


Beat Table Lamp

Tom Dixon Collection


Giraffa LED Table Lamp

Smart and playful


Tube Top Table Lamp

Tube Top comfortably abstracts the classic, domestic lamp silhouette to suit any style of interior


Link LED Table Lamp

This new articulation reduces the mechanical complexity of its 1937 referent and incorporates today's most advanced, energy efficient LED technology


Ensure your lamp doesn't exceed one and a half times the height of your bedside table. The lampshade should not surpass the width of the table. Measure the widest part of your lamp (typically the base of the shade). Ideally, the total lamp width should range from one-third to a maximum of two-thirds of your table width.

To measure the appropriate table lamp height for a bedroom:
  • Eye Level: The bottom of the lampshade should be at or slightly below eye level when you're seated on the bed.
  • Bedside Table Height: The lamp base plus the shade should not exceed the height of your bedside table.
  • Comfortable Illumination: Ensure the lamp provides enough light for reading or other activities without causing glare.

Consider these factors to achieve a balanced and functional table lamp height in your bedroom.

A bedside table lamp is typically best when its base and shade combined measure between 24 to 30 inches (61 to 76 cm). This height range allows for comfortable illumination for reading or other bedside activities while ensuring the lamp complements the size of the bedside table.

Typically, a table lamp stands between 30-36 inches tall. However, you can adjust the lamp's height in relation to the end table, aiming for around one and a half times the height of the end table. For instance, an end table of approximately 23 inches could pair well with a lamp about 34 inches tall.

A table lamp is generally considered ideal when its height, including the base and shade, falls within the range of 24 to 34 inches (61 to 86 cm). This provides both proper illumination and aesthetic balance for most table setups.

For a harmonious appearance and optimal fit in your space, consider the following guidelines:
  • Establish the Shade Height: Sit in the area where you plan to place the lamp to determine the ideal height range.
  • Choose an Appropriate Size.
  • Opt for a Suitable Shade Style.
  • Select the Right Bulb for your lamp.

To pack your table lamp for moving:
  • Remove the Lampshade: Take off the lampshade and pack it separately.
  • Secure the Bulb: Unscrew the bulb and pack it separately in a padded container.
  • Wrap the Base: Wrap the lamp base in bubble wrap or packing paper.
  • Use a Box: Place the lamp base in a sturdy box with adequate padding.
  • Label the Box: Clearly label the box as fragile and note its contents.

This helps prevent damage and ensures a safe move for your table lamp.

Consider the diameter of both the base and shade: avoid it being too large for its space or hanging too far over the table edge, yet ensure it doesn't appear too small. Ideally, a lampshade should be approximately 33-40% of the overall height and up to twice the width of the base.

Choose the right table lamp shade by considering its diameter in relation to the base and ensuring it complements the overall height. Aim for a shade that's about 33-40% of the lamp's total height and up to twice the width of the base for balanced aesthetics.

Choosing a lampshade that complements the base's shape and size is crucial. If you adore a lamp base but the shade doesn't quite match, consider replacing it. Regardless of your budget, a successful lamp choice is one that looks proportionate, aligns stylistically with your room, and provides the desired amount of light.

Brass lamps prefer minimal surroundings, so ensure the designated space (room corner, side table, ceiling) is uncluttered to welcome the new addition. Opt for simplicity: Consider a lamp that combines brass with glass (transparent), marble, or features a white shade.

Ensure your chosen table lamp complements the furniture, home, and office decor. In bold interiors, opt for a substantial lamp to avoid it appearing invisible. Conversely, on a small table, a large lamp may look disproportionate and overdone.

Place a table lamp in the living room on an end table, side table, or console table to provide accent lighting and enhance the overall ambiance.

Concealing lighting cords? Here are 7 smart ideas:
  • Hook cables to furniture.
  • Tuck them under a rug.
  • Create a visually appealing cord cover.
  • Run them along baseboards.
  • Consider battery-powered alternatives.
  • Hang and paint cord covers.
  • Utilize strategically-placed decor.

Place table lamps with a sectional sofa on end tables or side tables, ensuring they provide balanced and comfortable lighting for the seating area.

Table lamps commonly use warm LED light colors for a cozy and inviting ambiance.