Peradesign Philosophy:

PeraDesign's style is not imposed, it comes from revealing your ownself. We take pride of designing styles that are right for you and your lifestyle. Together we will elaborate on ideas to create a living that reflects who you truly are, where there's no right nor wrong, just endless inspirations...

Who We Are:

Founded in 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey, Peradesign offers high quality contemporary design furniture. Peradesign partners with Mobi, Archesa and Classi, one of the top furniture manufacturers in Turkey. Peradesign works with passionate , innovative and talented designers, such as A.Rasit Karaaslan, Tayfur Ozkaynak, Adnan Serbest, who has exceptional & unique design skills. Besides Peradesign’s superior quality, the unique furniture line blends traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology. This system of production allows for customization while guaranteeing perfection in quality. Each piece of furniture is individually crafted by artisans who have devoted themselves to a tradition of excellence. The designs of Pera have a timeless aesthetic appeal. The use of rounded forms within a contemporary approach has become Peradesign’s signature style.Elegant and unique designs coupled with the superb woodworking skills bring the furniture industry into to a different level. Peradesign combines different materials such as solid wood, veneer, leather and metal in its products. A wide selection of finishes enables each piece of Peradesign furniture to be crafted to become personalized and unique. Peradesign offers its high quality services also in the contract sector. From the initial design conceptualization to the final installation, Peradesign is able to deliver its contract clients a fully integrated experience, anywhere in the world. Completed projects include 5 Star Hotels, high-end retail stores, luxury residences, corporate offices, lounges and restaurants in NYC, Istanbul, Doha, Milan, Amsterdam and Paris.